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Social Movements (8 collections)

  • Communist Party (PA) Nomination Petitions for Philadelphia County, 1940, 1946

    Petitions for nomination of Communist Party candidates for state and federal political office and as presidential electors. Information given is name of candidate, occupation, place of more

  • Communist Party (PA) Nomination Petitions, 1938, 1940

    Nomination petitions and accompanying affidavits in support of nominations of communist party candidates for election to state offices. Information given includes date of petition, names of more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) General Accounts, 1925-1940

    This collection, arranged chronologically, contains Baldric purchase reports for clan supplies, as well as bills, checks, and receipts for food and uniforms. Details of members' financial more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) General Correspondence, 1922-1929, 1932, 1934-1940

    This collection, arranged chronologically, contains official documents, such as Imperial Kligrapp appointments, applications for reinstatement of former Klansmen, as well as appeals for admission, are provided more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) General Files, 1923-1940

    This collection contains series grouped by subject and then chronologically, of various papers, election returns, rosters, publications, and applications detailing Klan operations. The rosters and election more

  • Ku Klux Klan (PA) Kleagle Robe Reports, 1924-1925

    This collection, arranged chronologically, contains reports listing Kleagle robes ordered, address, date, location of Klan, quantity of Klansman's and Terror's robes and helmets ordered, as well more

  • Oaths of Allegiance, 1777-1790

    A record of Oaths of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, renouncing allegiance to the British Crown or her armies. Included within this record are lists more

  • Old Economy Register of the Members of the Harmony Society, 1805-1905

    Images of a register compiled between 1965 and 1971 from 3 x 5 cards that were possibly assembled under the Federal Writers' Project and containing 1,500 more