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Application for Use of the State Library’s Table Top Scribe Station


Application for Use of the State Library’s Table Top Scribe Station

1. APPLICATION: Libraries, museums, historical societies and archives who would like to borrow the State Library of Pennsylvania’s Table Top Scribe Station must complete this proposal form.

2. FEES AND EXPENSES:  The borrower is responsible for all transportation costs, including packing and crating, freight, customs charges, and brokers’ fees, as well as courier expenses, if applicable.  The TT Scribe Station is stored in a trunk which weighs approximately 150 lbs. but would fit in most vans for transport.

a. Assumption of Care: State Library expects the borrowing institution to adhere to accepted professional standards at all stages of the scanning process, including such matters as security, installation methods, and maintenance of proper environmental controls at all times.

b. Packing and Transportation: State Library usually packs the items going out on loan, and will require that all items be repacked for return in exactly the same manner as when they were sent to the borrowing institution. Any changes in repacking should be discussed in advance between borrower and lender.

c. Condition: When the material is received, the borrower should inspect it upon unpacking, compare it with the condition report provided by State Library, and record its condition. Any damage or discrepancies must be reported immediately by telephone and subsequently in writing to State Library. Unless specific advance permission has been obtained from State Library, the borrower must not alter, clean, or repair the Scribe Station.

d. Use of this equipment is tied to the scanned images being uploaded to the Internet Archive and will result in a harvesting of metadata in the Digital Public Library of America. If your institution also wishes to store the images locally, please call the State Library for more information about that process.

4.INTERNET ARCHIVE Table Top Scribe Partner Form (below) will also need to be completed. The State Library and Internet Archive will format the settings on the TT Scribe Station before shipping to each institution.