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If you are new to our service…

If you are new to our service, please read these Tips on Getting Started:

  1. In your browser window’s right frame, enter your question, etc. and then click on the “Connect” button.
  2. A librarian will pick up your call. Chat messages thenappear in the left frameweb pages appear in the right frame of the browser window.If you entered an email address at login, a full transcript of your session, including hyperlinks, will be emailed to you. If you didn’t enter an email address, you have another chance to do so as soon as the session is ended.
  3. To finish or end the session, click on the “Exit Chat” link.
    You will see the full session transcript and the option to email the transcript to yourself.

Waiting for a librarian? Check out these sites…

Web browsing:

During your session, please follow only links within the left frame. Opening a new web site in your Chat with a Librarian browser will close your right frame connection with the librarian.

Problem Troubleshooting:

If a web page doesn’t open in your left frame, refresh or reload the browser window or copy and paste the URL from the right chat log into a new browser window to open it.

If you experience other problems such as latency (slow loading) or no response from the librarian, clear the web browser cache of temporary Internet files:

  • In IE: Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Delete Files button > Delete all offline content > OK > OK
  • In Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache tab > Clear Cache Now button > OK
  • Then close and reopen your browser window, and return to If you were using Internet Explorer when you experienced problems, you might want to try again using Firefox or Netscape web browsers.

Disconnections: If you lose your connection with Chat with a Librarian, simply return to Chat with a Librarian and let the librarian know who was helping you when you were disconnected.

Thank you!

Chat with a Librarian is a service of the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, Bureau of Library Development, and managed by HSLC.