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Pennsylvania History- 1791-1815, New Nation (99 collections)

  • Accounts of the Wardens of the Port, 1763-1957

    Images of cash books, daybooks, ledgers, journals, receipt book, vouchers, payroll requisitions, and related types of records kept by the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. more

  • Admission of Attorneys Dockets, 1742-1935, 1970-1977

    Images of lists of attorneys granted permission to practice in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In order to practice at this level, attorneys were required to more

  • Appeal Dockets, 1795-2014

    Images of a record of appellate cases in the Supreme Court, Western District. Cases deal with issues under the Court's mandatory and discretionary jurisdiction. Cases falling more

  • Appearance and Continuance Dockets, 1740-1795

    Images of records of cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. An Appearance Docket generally documents the initial proceedings of a more

  • Appearance Dockets, 1795-1977

    Images of dockets of appeals petitioned to the Supreme Court, Eastern District. Information given for each case includes the dates of returnable papers; arguments and opinions; more

  • Appointment and Commission Books for Civil Officers, 1790-1973

    Images of appointments and commissions issued for civil officers. Information given is name of appointee, name of Governor or commission making the appointment, the position to more

  • Appointments File for Civil Officers, 1790-2009

    Images of gubernatorial appointments and commissions. Information usually provided is name of appointee, name of Governor or Commission making the appointment, the title of the position more

  • Autograph File, 1683, 1767-1815

    The documents within this series were extracted from their original series files in 1925 due to their unique historical value. They contain valuable autographs of national more

  • Basic Documents of Pennsylvania Including Proprietary Charters and Deeds, Indian Deeds, and State Constitutions, 1681-1873

    Images of the earliest surviving records of the Commonwealth including William Penn's charter from King Charles II, the earliest frames of government for the province, the more

  • Boundary Survey Accounts (PA) 1782-1810

    Collection of accounts of boundaries surveyed include Delaware River Jurisdiction, the Northern Boundary, the Virginia Boundary, the Western Boundary, and the Wyoming Controversy with Connecticut. Detailed more

  • Bundles of Miscellaneous Court Papers with Index, 1790-1883

    Images of various documents filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, including petitions, transcripts, maps of streets and land tracts, copies of opinions, affidavits, wills, charges more

  • Case Files of the Court of Admiralty, 1760-1795

    Images of case files for cases brought before the Court of Admiralty in Philadelphia. Included in the files are descriptions of the proceedings, copies of the more

  • Clemency File, 1790-1873

    Images of primarily petitions for clemency addressed to the President of the Supreme Executive Council, the Governor, or the Board of Pardons and pardon proclamations issued more

  • Continuance Dockets, 1795-1837

    Images of dockets that list subsequent actions taken and papers filed in a case after the initial entry in another docket. Information given includes names of more

  • Coroners’ Inquisition Papers, 1751, 1768-1796

    Images of reports of inquisitions conducted by a County Coroner and a twelve man panel who had viewed a body attesting to the cause of death. more

  • County Election Returns for Federal, State and Local Offices, 1790-1850

    Images of certified returns for election of candidates to federal, state, and local offices. Information given is date of election, name of each candidate, the total more

  • County Officers’ Accounts (PA) 1782-1809

    This collection contains account records of payments authorized by the Comptroller General's office for services rendered by such county officers as sheriffs, prothonotaries, and clerks of more

  • County Tax Accounts (PA) 1781-1808

    A record of county tax accounts. Information about each county includes detailed quotas of taxes owed by each county, listing of effective supplies and the amount more

  • Death Warrants File, 1795-1873

    Images of death warrants signed by the Governor. Information given is condemned prisoners name, nature of the crime, location of trial, and execution date. In most more

  • Delaware River Fortification Accounts (PA) 1775-1798

    This series contains information about the following Delaware River fortifications: Fort Mifflin, Billingsport and Redbank, and Mud Island. Information about each fortification includes an account of more

  • Depreciation Certificate Accounts (PA) 1781-1792

    Contained within the accounts files are dated Depreciation Interest Certificates, 1782-1787, which normally list the name and rank of the soldier, the military organization to which more

  • Divorce Papers, 1786-1815

    Images of case files for divorce cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. Documents filed may include petitions (libels) for divorce, more

  • Dockets, Including Lancaster and Chambersburg District Dockets, 1800-1961

    Images of a record of cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Middle District. Information provided about each case may include names of more

  • Escheat Papers, 1796-1822, undated

    On September 29, 1787 "An Act to Declare and Regulate Escheats" became law. According to it, the law established a process by which the Commonwealth would more

  • Execution Dockets, 1786-1873

    Images of records of Supreme Court cases in which the execution of the Court's judgment was carried out to enforce payment of debts. Information provided by more

  • Executive Correspondence, 1790-1969

    Images of executive correspondence of the governors of Pennsylvania maintained by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Subject matter is wide ranging and covers all aspects of more

  • Forfeited Estate Accounts (PA) 1777-1809

    A record of persons whose estates were seized because of their allegiance to the British crown during the Revolutionary War, and for other sundry reasons. Data more

  • Funded and Unfunded Debt Accounts (PA) 1790-1809

    This series contains numerous folios, with detailed information, relating to the debt of the Commonwealth. Contained within these records are accounts of depreciation certificates, when they more

  • General Correspondence (PA) 1776-1809

    This series includes letters, reports, notes, drafts of letters and accounts, and copies of taxation acts dating from 1776-1809. The majority of the correspondence comes from more

  • General Gaol Delivery Dockets, 1778-1828

    Images of records of criminal cases heard and adjudged in Allegheny, Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Fayette, Franklin, Huntingdon, Lancaster, Luzerne, Lycoming, Montgomery, Northampton, more

  • General Motions and Divorce Docket, 1750-1837 (Divorces 1800-1805 only)

    This docket contains images of two separate sections, one being a record of rules, resolves and orders of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and the other, more

  • Health Officer’s Account of Passenger Entries, 1789-1794

    Images of an account of vessels arrived kept by Captain Nathaniel Falconer, Health Officer of the Port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date of arrival, description more

  • Health Officer’s Register of Passengers’ Names, 1792-1794

    Images of a register of the names of passengers and servants arrived at the Port of Philadelphia that was returned to Health Officer Captain Nathaniel Falconer more

  • Indents Delivered to the Treasurer (PA) 1793

    A joint effort between Register General John Donaldson and Comptroller General John Nicholson to provide state debt data to the Treasurer. Six columns divide the data more

  • Index to Naturalization Papers, 1794-1824, 1842-1868

    Images of an index to RG-033-A-75 - Naturalization Papers, 1794-1819, 1821-1868, filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. Information provided by entries more

  • Indian Commissioners’ Accounts (PA) 1784-1792

    This collection contains an inventory of goods delivered to various Indian nations in the Commonwealth, as well as promissory notes to these nations for the purchase more

  • Indian Deed Book, 1815

    Images of a record book containing the transcripts of royal charters and Indian deeds. The Indian deed entries give the date, the names of the Indian more

  • Internal Improvements File (PA) 1777-1809

    This series includes account ledgers and receipt books of supplies bought for the various internal improvements. The names of the commissioners presiding over the building projects more

  • Internal Improvements File, 1790-1902

    Images of records relating to the construction of bridges, canals, river improvements, roads and turnpikes, public buildings and their grounds. Records cover the following date spans more

  • Journals (PA) 1799-1808

    This series consists of two journals which record the warrants issued by the Comptroller Generals Office during the above listed dates. Entries for each warrant might more

  • Judgment Dockets, 1756-1896

    Images of twelve volumes of indices containing the following information for each judgment: case title, court term when judgment was rendered, page number, and sometimes additional more

  • Letter Books and Rough Copies, 1790-1861

    Images of letter books and rough copies of executive correspondence sent either by the Governor or his Secretary. Information given is date of correspondence, name of more

  • Letter Books, 1793-1849

    Images of letter books of correspondence exchanged by Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia with a variety of correspondents including most prominently the Governors or members more

  • Memoranda Book (PA) 1791

    A list of people who owed money to the Comptroller-General, the amount of money outstanding, when the account was settled, the date it was submitted to more

  • Memoranda of Account Book (PA) 1791

    This appears to be a listing of names of accounts. No information is given about the accounts and the type of business being documented except the more

  • Military Commission Books Card Index, 1800-1860

    Images of the Index to Military Commission Books, 1800-1944 (series 26.65) for the period through 1861. The index gives the names of officers commissioned in both more

  • Military Commission Books, 1800-1944

    Images of military commissions issued for officers. Information given is name, county of residence, rank, date of taking rank, military unit, regiment, company, and date of more

  • Militia Certificates Received from the Receiver General (PA) 1789-1793

    A listing of warrants payable to the militia as indicated by the Receiver General. Information provided includes certificate number, name of person to whom certificate was more

  • Militia Exemption Books (PA) 1801-1813

    This series provides information about men exempt from militia duty. Data provided for each regiment includes the number of the regiment, the county to which it more

  • Militia Fine Exoneration Records (PA) 1777-1793

    Statements filed by Pennsylvania residents to demonstrate that they or their kin should be exempt from fines being imposed for not serving militia duty. The data more

  • Militia Loan Accounts, 1781-1792

    These images are grouped into the following subseries: Certificate Counterparts, 1784-1792; Certificate Books, 1784-1792; Distribution Vouchers, 1784-1785; Distribution Ledgers, 1784-1785; Interest Paid Receipt Books, 1785-1792; Pay more

  • Minute Books of the Lancaster District, 1810-1829

    Images of minutes of cases heard by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Lancaster District. Information provided includes names of plaintiff, defendant, attorneys and jurors more

  • Minute Books of the Wardens of the Port, the Board Commissioners of Navigation, and the Navigation Committee, 1766-1773, 1783-1978

    Images of record books containing minutes of the meetings of the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date and place of meeting, names more

  • Minute Books, 1806-1816, 1819-1981

    Images of minutes of cases heard by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the Court of Nisi Prius in the Eastern District. Information provided includes: justices more

  • Miscellaneous Accounts Including Records of Transactions Involving the Commonwealth and the United States, 1782-1809

    Images are organized into the following subseries: Abstracts of Continental Certificates, 1791-1797; Assumed Debt, 1791-1793; Certificates for Horses and Provisions, 1780; Day Books, 1789-1810l; General Accounts, more

  • Miscellaneous Records of the Supreme Court of Nisi Prius, circa 1786-1800

    These records were originally presented to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania after the basement of the State House in Philadelphia was cleared out in 1895. These more

  • Naturalization Docket, 1812-1867, bulk 1830-1855

    Images of a record of persons petitioning the Supreme Court for naturalization. Although the declarations of intent date from as early as September 12, 1812, to more

  • New Loan Accounts, 1776-1795

    Images are organized into the following subseries: Addition of Principal and Interest Unpaid on Cancelled Certificates, 1784-1795; Amount of Principal and Interest Unpaid on Cancelled Certificates, more

  • Officers Claim Book for Arrears in Clothing (PA) 1778-1791

    A detailed listing of clothing articles, food, and miscellaneous items delivered to Pennsylvania regiments during the Revolution. Typical information in these registers might include the name more

  • Officers Clothing Account Book (PA) 1791

    This volume contains an account of sundry officers of the revolutionary army for clothing which they purchased for their service in the army. Each officer's account more

  • Papers in Attainder Relating to Estates Forfeited by Treason, circa 1778-1791

    Images of commencing "proclamations" written by the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth stating the names of those people accused of high treason. Those accused were more

  • Pardon Books, 1791-1877

    Images of pardons granted to persons convicted of crimes. Information generally provided is a brief case history, date of pardon, and the amount and date of more

  • Perpetuation of Testimony Dockets, 1781-1801

    Perpetuation of testimony refers to the transcribing of that testimony so that it can be read as evidence in a court. Images of the entries in more

  • Pierce’s Certificate Accounts, circa 1784-1793

    Images of certificates signed by John Pierce who was Paymaster General and Commissioner of Accounts for the United States Continental Army. Certificates were issued to the more

  • Pilot Apprentice Indenture Books, 1806-1931, 1942

    Images of records of indentures of apprenticeship to river pilots. Information provided is date of indenture, name of apprentice, name of pilot, term of indenture in more

  • Pilots’ Report Books, Inward Bound, 1793-1903

    Images of record books of ships piloted. Information provided is date of entry, name of vessel, name of commander, name of pilot, from whence sailed, and more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Abstracts of Duties and Drawbacks, 1784-1789

    This collection provides a record for the duties and drawbacks collected during each month of the above mentioned years. The total amount of annual duties and more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Account of Duties and Drawbacks, 1783

    This volume contains a list of ships which entered the port of Philadelphia between May 1, 1783 through September 17, 1783, and the duties which were more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Accounts and Certificates of the Collector of Head Money, 1791-1808

    This volume contains a record of passenger ships entering the port of Philadelphia. Information in each entry includes the name of the ship, its date of more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Cargo Manifests, Inventories, and Bills of Lading, 1773-1833

    Manifests of various ships which delivered goods to the port of Philadelphia. Entries include the names of the exporters, the importers, the quantity of goods shipped, more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Coasting Permits, 1796, 1806

    Two coasting permits are contained within this collection. They are for the Sloop Maria, and the Schooner Friendship and provide the name of the ships master, more

  • Recognizance Papers, 1754-1823

    A recognizance is an obligation of record, which a party enters into before some court of record or magistrate, with a condition to perform some particular more

  • Record of Arms Contracts, 1797-1815

    Images of a record book of articles of agreement made by Governor Thomas Mifflin with various private armament suppliers under the terms of the Act to more

  • Register of Accounts Received from the Register General (PA) 1790-1792

    A record of all accounts examined by the Comptroller General, which had been submitted to him by the Register General for his advice and approval. Typical more

  • Registers of Pilots’ Names and Securities, 1783-1791, 1794-1876

    Information provided is name of pilot, place of residence, date bonded, and the name, occupation and place of residence of the person who stood as security more

  • Registers of Vessel Arrivals and Clearances, 1784-1879

    Registers of vessels arriving and clearing the port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date of arrival or clearance, name of vessel, from whence or to where more

  • Return Book of Officers and Soldiers to Whom Patents Were Not Issued, undated

    Images in this collection include the name of the individual, the lot number, and the number of acres drawn. The rank of the soldier is sporadically more

  • Return Book of the Pennsylvania Line Entitled to Donation Lands, undated

    Images of entries record the name, rank and corps of the soldier and the number of acres drawn. Remarks concerning whether the person was killed in more

  • Revolutionary War Accounts and Miscellaneous Records (Line Accounts), 1775-1809

    Pay and muster rolls that may show the name, rank, regiment, company and pay rate of each soldier; the name of his commanding officer; and the more

  • Senate Committee Books, 1810-1850, 1897-1899

    Register of letters and petitions received by Senate committees. Information provided is date petition or correspondence was received, committee to which referred, and a brief description more

  • Settlement Registers (PA) 1792-1794

    These registers verify that the accounts payable by the state were indeed settled. In five columns is the following data: account number, payee, reason for payment, more

  • Sheriff’s Deed Books and Lists of Attorneys Admitted, 1796-1876 (Lists 1742-1776, 1778-1809 only)

    Images of transcriptions of land property conveyances, originally taken in execution upon an estate or in a suit by virtue of a writ of fieri facias more

  • Ships Lists of German Passengers, 1727-1808

    Images of official records of the arrival of foreign passengers at the port of Philadelphia that were required to be kept by captains of ships importing more

  • State Departmental Accounts, 1782-1809

    "A record of accounts for the following state departments: the Council of Censors, the General Assembly, the Master of the Rolls, the Adjutant General, the Comptroller more

  • State Treasurer’s Reports (PA) 1790-1798, 1800-1809

    Monthly state treasurer's reports which include records of expenditures and receipts, however there are some accounts pertaining to the value of stock certificates of the United more

  • Statement of Public Accounts Book (PA) 1790-1791

    This series contains several lengthy public account statements. The monetary value in these records is based upon Bills of Credit which were issued during the following more

  • Time Books of Wardens’ Attendance, 1784-1802

    Images of record books revealing names of pilots and dates of bonds for the first, second and third rate pilots, accounts of anchors and cables received more

  • Transcripts of Ship Manifests and Bonds: Port of Philadelphia, circa 1814, transcribed circa 1937-1941

    Images primarily of transcripts of reports, manifests, and bonds for cargoes carried by vessels captured under Letters of Marque entering the Port of Philadelphia and from more

  • Unidentified Indexes (PA) Day Books, and New Loan Accounts, 1780-1809

    Identified indexes include indices for Day Books, New Loan Accounts, and Revolutionary War transactions. Other indexes which are not labeled give names and page number, certificate more

  • Warrant Books (PA) 1789-1794

    A record of the warrants paid and issued by the Commonwealth through the Office of the Register General. Most relate to salary, pensions, and state debt more

  • Warrant Books (PA) 1791-1808

    This collection contains the warrants issued to people in lieu of money, and compiled together after being redeemed for specie when the state was able to more

  • Warrant Counterpart Records, 1792-1799, 1806-1808

    These images contain counterparts to warrants issued to people to which the state owed money. The counterparts served as the state's copy of the warrant and more

  • Warrant of Attorney Dockets, 1795-1874

    A warrant of attorney is more specific than a letter or power of attorney, in that it is addressed to one or more attorneys authorizing them more

  • Warrant Registers and Index (PA) 1782-1807

    This series contains several warrant registers which list information about warrants that the state issued in lieu of money which it may have owed to government more

  • Warrants (PA) 1778-1809

    This series contains warrants which were issued by the Comptroller General in lieu of money owed to various persons by the state. Information on each warrant more

  • Waste Book Indexes (PA) 1776-1792

    Images of two index volumes documenting the names mentioned in Waste Books, 1776-1792, which is also digitized. In one volume, the folio number of where the more

  • Waste Books (PA) 1776-1792

    A record of state monetary transactions relating to the payment and settlement of public money, kept for the purpose of auditing, liquidating and adjusting Commonwealth accounts. more

  • Western Expedition (Whiskey Rebellion) Accounts, 1794-1804

    Images of account books of payments to Pennsylvania regiments. Typical information within these books might include the names of commanders, duration of service, the payment amount more

  • Writs of Habeas Corpus and Petitions, circa 1771-1863

    The petitions were originally made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, requesting that he issue a writ of habeas corpus which would then allow more