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Pennsylvania History-1681-1774, Colonial Period (35 collections)

  • Accounts of the Wardens of the Port, 1763-1957

    Images of cash books, daybooks, ledgers, journals, receipt book, vouchers, payroll requisitions, and related types of records kept by the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. more

  • Admission of Attorneys Dockets, 1742-1935, 1970-1977

    Images of lists of attorneys granted permission to practice in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In order to practice at this level, attorneys were required to more

  • Appearance and Continuance Dockets, 1740-1795

    Images of records of cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. An Appearance Docket generally documents the initial proceedings of a more

  • Autograph File, 1683, 1767-1815

    The documents within this series were extracted from their original series files in 1925 due to their unique historical value. They contain valuable autographs of national more

  • Basic Documents of Pennsylvania Including Proprietary Charters and Deeds, Indian Deeds, and State Constitutions, 1681-1873

    Images of the earliest surviving records of the Commonwealth including William Penn's charter from King Charles II, the earliest frames of government for the province, the more

  • Braddock Road Accounts, 1755-1756

    Record of charges incurred for running a road from the back settlements toward the Ohio River for the King's use in pursuance to the application from more

  • Case Files of the Court of Admiralty, 1760-1795

    Images of case files for cases brought before the Court of Admiralty in Philadelphia. Included in the files are descriptions of the proceedings, copies of the more

  • Commissioners of Indian Trade Accounts, 1758-1766

    Indian trade accounts kept by Treasurer John Reynolds for the Commissioners of Indian Trade. Information provided in the cash summary tables is date of entry, location more

  • Coroners’ Inquisition Papers, 1751, 1768-1796

    Images of reports of inquisitions conducted by a County Coroner and a twelve man panel who had viewed a body attesting to the cause of death. more

  • Crown Correspondence, 1726-1775

    Printed copies of executive correspondence, petitions, and Orders of Council relating specifically to the Province and the Crown. Information generally given is date of correspondence, names more

  • Declaration Books of British Vessel Registry, 1727-1776

    Images of declarations made before the governor or deputy governor in pursuance to "an Act made in September et octavo William III Regis Entitled An Act more

  • Executive Correspondence, 1682-1775

    Correspondence, petitions, reports, election returns, Governors' messages, ships' lists, appointments, warrants, passports and related records relating to the local affairs of government within the Province. Included more

  • General Correspondence, 1700-1772

    Correspondence either addressed to or received from James Logan, George Dakeyne, Richard Peters and Joseph Shippen concerning such matters as land grants and routine matters concerning more

  • General Motions and Divorce Docket, 1750-1837 (Divorces 1800-1805 only)

    This docket contains images of two separate sections, one being a record of rules, resolves and orders of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and the other, more

  • Governor’s Accounts including Lists of Marriage, Tavern, Peddlers Licenses and Ships’ Registers, 1742-1752, 1759-1763

    Record of fees paid for licenses granted to Indian traders (1744-1746), peddlers (1743-1752), and taverns (1746-1752, 1759-1761), lists of marriages for the periods 1742-1752 and 1759-1763 more

  • Indian Trader Licenses, 1765-1771

    Indian trading licenses granted to Indian traders by John Penn. Information provided is date license was granted, name of trader, place of residence, any restrictions imposed more

  • Judgment Dockets, 1756-1896

    Images of twelve volumes of indices containing the following information for each judgment: case title, court term when judgment was rendered, page number, and sometimes additional more

  • Minutes (The Provincial Record), 1682-1775

    Minutes of the proceedings of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania covering the period from March 10, 1682/3 to December 9, 1775. Information provided is date of more

  • Miscellaneous Papers, 1664-1775

    Miscellaneous correspondence, agreements, proclamations, land grants, deeds, receipts, memoranda, depositions, assignments, warrants, surveys, returns of survey, patents, wills, minutes, ledgers, lists and reports. Information provided varies more

  • Miscellaneous Supreme and Superior Court Dockets, 1743-1749, 1876-1943

    Records of various types of cases brought before the Superior or Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania. Information provided by the entries includes names of plaintiff and defendant, more

  • Naturalization Lists of the Supreme Court and Courts of Nisi Prius, 1740-1773

    Naturalization lists created under the provisions of the Act of Parliament passed in the 13th year of the reign of his Royal Majesty King George the more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Bonds and Papers Relating to Duties on Negro and Mulatto Slaves, 1720-1788

    These records document the duties that were paid on slaves to the City of Philadelphia. Information provided within these records includes the name of the owner(s) more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Lists of Bonds Cancelled, 1774-1775

    Images of three volumes of bond cancellation books which contain records of canceled bonds for vessels calling at the port of Philadelphia. The cancellation dates range more

  • Port of Philadelphia Records: Lists of Bonds, 1774-1775

    Images for three volumes of records for bonds which were issued between July 6, 1774 and April 5, 1775 for vessels calling at the port of more

  • Port Physician’s Certificates, 1741, 1753-1755

    Certificates issued by physicians granting permission to vessels to enter the port of Philadelphia. Information generally provided is date of certificate, name of the physician, name more

  • Provincial Officers’ Sureties, 1742-1776

    Surety bonds provided for officers elected or appointed to such civilian offices as recorder of deeds, prothonotary, clerk of the peace or clerk of the orphan's more

  • Recognizance Papers, 1754-1823

    A recognizance is an obligation of record, which a party enters into before some court of record or magistrate, with a condition to perform some particular more

  • Registrar’s Book of Governor Keith’s Court of Chancery, 1720-1736

    Record book kept by Charles Brockden who served as the Registrar for Deputy Governor William Keith's Court of Chancery. Sir William Keith served as Deputy Governor more

  • Richard Partridge Account Book, 1740-1751

    Account book kept by Provincial Agent Richard Partridge of expenses incurred in conducting provincial business. Information provided is date of entry, nature of expenditure, and amount more

  • Secretary’s Accounts, 1738-1774

    Account books, bills of debt, records of fees paid, receipts, and debit-credit lists. One of the account books was kept by Provincial Secretary Richard Peters for more

  • Sheriff’s Deed Books and Lists of Attorneys Admitted, 1796-1876 (Lists 1742-1776, 1778-1809 only)

    Images of transcriptions of land property conveyances, originally taken in execution upon an estate or in a suit by virtue of a writ of fieri facias more

  • Shipping Bonds and Certificates, 1752-1775

    Images of certificates of ship masters certifying the name of the ship master, ownership of the vessel, and certifying that no foreigners have any share in more

  • Ships Lists of German Passengers, 1727-1808

    Images of official records of the arrival of foreign passengers at the port of Philadelphia that were required to be kept by captains of ships importing more

  • Waste Book of Thomas Murray, 1702-1707

    Waste book kept by Philadelphia merchants Nathaniel Puckle and Thomas Murray of goods sold and received by Nathaniel Puckle on vessels entering the port of Philadelphia. more

  • Writs of Habeas Corpus and Petitions, circa 1771-1863

    The petitions were originally made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, requesting that he issue a writ of habeas corpus which would then allow more