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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (4 collections)

  • Meeting Minute Books, 1937-1958, 1965-1969, 1978-1989

    Images depicting the documentation of actions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, recording decisions made during Commission meetings. Topics include: resolutions; legal issues; expansions, including the Philadelphia, more

  • Turnpike Comm. (PA) Engineering, Cross-Section, Plan, Profile Drawings, 1939-1964

    This collection contains original drawings executed in the field relating to rights-of-way and grading of the Original Section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and its subsequent extensions. more

  • Turnpike Comm. (PA) Engineering, Field Survey Notebooks, 1938-1971

    This collection contains notebooks executed in the field for the construction of the Turnpike, and is arranged by construction contract number, the volumes chronicle the planning more

  • Turnpike Commission Contract Files, 1938-1972

    Turnpike construction contracts organized by general files and specific contracts. Types of files include: materials documenting the planning, work to be completed, awarding of, and preparation more