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Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (31 collections)

  • Administrative and Biennial Reports, 1915-1969

    Published and unpublished reports submitted to the Governor by the Pennsylvania Historical Commission concerning the activities of the Commission, funds appropriated by the legislature for the more

  • Alphabetical Index to Naturalization Records, 1789-1880

    Images of transcripts prepared under Works Progress Administration Project #20837 of the eleven-volume "Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intentions and/or Oaths of Allegiance, 1789-1880" more

  • Alphabetical List of Crews, 1798-1880

    Transcripts of the lists of the names of members of crews of vessels arriving and departing the Port of Philadelphia. Information provided is name of crewmember, more

  • Annual, Biennial, and Miscellaneous Reports of the Commission, 1945-2005

    Printed, typed, and mimeographed biennial, annual, organizational, decade, accomplishment, specific powers, legislative, and activity reports issued by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Information varies with more

  • Arrivals and Clearances of Vessels, 1783-1880

    Arrivals and Clearances of Vessels, 1783-1880

  • Chronological List of Masters and Crews, 1798-1880

    Crew lists giving the names of the members of the crews serving on each vessel. These lists were originally kept under the provisions of "An Act more

  • County Records Alphabetical Inventory, 1984

    Images of a physical inventory of records held be every county in Pennsylvania to determine their condition, importance for preservation of informational content and need for more

  • County Records Inventory by Office, 1984

    Images of inventory sheets generated from data originally on computer tape. These were also converted to seven silver negative microfiche, to four silver negative 35mm microfilm, more

  • Guide to Depositories of Manuscript Collections in Pennsylvania, 1939

    Images of a copy of the published guide (Bulletin No. 774, No. 4 of the Pennsylvania Historical Commission Series) and the accompanying records created by the more

  • Harrisburg Unit Unpublished Manuscripts, Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the Archives Division, 1942, undated

    "Full Series Title is: Harrisburg Unit Unpublished Manuscripts, including Guide to the Manuscript Collections and Holdings of the Archives Division of the Pennsylvania State Library, and more

  • Index to Philadelphia Register of Deaths, 1803-1860

    Images of transcript of index prepared under Works Progress Administration Project 11791 from original Philadelphia Department of Public Health records deposited with the Genealogical Society of more

  • Inventory of Canal Commissioners’ Maps in the Pennsylvania State Archives, 1968

    Images of inventory of the Board of Canal Commissioners' Map Books, 1810-1881 prepared by Division of Archives and Manuscripts Associate Archivist Martha L. Simonetti. Information provided more

  • Inventory of Church Archives of Pennsylvania, including Records of Pennsylvania Jewish Congregations – Questionnaires (denomination by county) 1937-1940

    Images of inventory questionnaire forms documenting churches and synagogues across Pennsylvania. Information provided on the questionnaire forms is both the official name and the name by more

  • Inventory of County Archives of Pennsylvania, 1937-1942, 1946, 1950

    Archive inventories, typed manuscripts, and correspondence relating to inventories conducted at each of the county archives by the Division of Community Service Programs of the Pennsylvania more

  • Job 72: Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biographies, 1938-1941

    Images of field notes and pre-final and final typed drafts of biographical entries for a projected but never published biographical encyclopedia of Pennsylvania. Information given is more

  • Manual for Newspaper Transcription, 1941

    A published Manual of Newspaper Transcription prepared in 1941 by the Works Projects Administration and edited by Sylvester K. Stevens and Donald H. Kent for the more

  • Minutes of the Pennsylvania Historical Commission, 1924-1925, 1927-1945

    Minutes of the meetings of the Pennsylvania Historical Commission. Information provided is date and location of meeting, names of those present, and a summary of the more

  • Newspaper Transcripts and Checklists of 18th and 19th Century Articles, circa 1940-1942

    Images of twenty-six cartons of transcripts of articles that appeared in 18th and 19th century newspapers and three cartons of checklists of holdings of newspapers held more

  • Old Economy Register of the Members of the Harmony Society, 1805-1905

    Images of a register compiled between 1965 and 1971 from 3 x 5 cards that were possibly assembled under the Federal Writers' Project and containing 1,500 more

  • Pennsylvania Notes, 1937-1939

    Volume I, numbers 1-5 and Volume II, numbers 1-3 of Pennsylvania Notes published internally by the Pennsylvania Historical Commission. Subject matter includes historical celebrations, Commission properties more

  • Publications (Including the Expedition of Baron de Longueuil), 1939-1942

    A published history of the expedition of the Baron de Longueuil in 1739 that covered over 1,600 miles of lakes, trails and rivers from Montreal to more

  • Reords of the Pennsylvania Writers, Pennsylvania Historical Commission, American Guide Series (1935-1941)

    Arranged numerically by job number, the following subseries are typed transcripts of field notes, pre-final drafts and final drafts of manuscripts, and photographs selected to illustrate more

  • Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File, 1785-1893

    Abstract card file containing transcriptions of data extracted from original records in the custody of the Pennsylvania State Archives concerning Revolutionary War service in the Pennsylvania more

  • The Venango Trail, 1940

    A history of the Venango Trail prepared by the Works Progress Administration and edited by Sylvester K. Stevens and Donald H. Kent. The Venango Trail consisted more

  • Transcripts and Translations (Including the Journal of Chaussegras de Lery), 1938-1942

    "Transcripts and translations of important historical documents prepared by writers employed by the Works Progress Administration relating to the Frontier Forts and Trails Survey. Information provided more

  • Transcripts of Index of Vessels, 1874-1937, transcribed circa 1937-1941

    Transcripts of the index to barks, brigs, schooners, sloops, and steamships arriving and departing the Port of Philadelphia. Information provided is name of vessel, year of more

  • Transcripts of Port Warden’s Minutes, 1766-1880

    Transcripts of the minutes of wardens appointed for the Port of Philadelphia under "Act for Appointing Wardens for the Port of Philadelphia and for Regulating Pilots, more

  • Transcripts of Records of Wrecks, 1874-1937, transcribed circa 1937-1941

    Transcripts of reports of shipwrecks and casualties recorded at the Port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date and time of shipwreck, name and nationality of vessel, more

  • Transcripts of Ship Manifests and Bonds: Port of Philadelphia, circa 1814, transcribed circa 1937-1941

    Images primarily of transcripts of reports, manifests, and bonds for cargoes carried by vessels captured under Letters of Marque entering the Port of Philadelphia and from more

  • Transcripts of Slave Manifests, 1800-1841, transcribed circa 1937-1941

    Transcripts of manifests prepared by the captains of domestic slave ships providing the gender, age, height, class or race, and place of residence of the slaves more

  • Transcripts, including Gifford Pinchot Calendar, County Commissioners’ Minutes, Road Dockets and Vital Statistics, 1939-1942

    Images of transcripts of the Gifford Pinchot papers, 1890-1935; county commissioner minutes, 1939-1940; county court dockets, 1940-1941; and vital statistics, undated. The county commissioner minutes cover more