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Military and Veterans Affairs, Department of the (36 collections)

  • Alphabetical List of Names on Pennsylvania Monuments, undated

    A record of the 34,526 names of Pennsylvania veterans appearing on Pennsylvania monuments. Prepared from a record in the Pennsylvania State Library on February 7, 1958 more

  • Applicant Files of the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home, 1886-1949

    Applicant files include patient name, date of admission, rank, and other personal information. This collection is part of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs which more

  • Candidates Examined for Appointments as Surgeons and Asst. Surgeons (PA) 1861-1865

    A record of examinations of candidates seeking appointments as surgeons or assistant surgeons. Information about each candidate generally includes name, postal address, county of residence, and more

  • Civil War Muster Rolls and Related Records, 1861-1866

    "Images include several subjects including: Alphabetical Rolls are arranged alphabetically by the soldiers surnames. Entries usually give the name, rank, civilian occupation, and residence, the unit, more

  • Commission of Soldiers’ Orphan Schools (PA) Annual Reports, 1870-1918

    Annual reports relating to Soldiers' Orphan Schools and their locations with regard to students, teachers, finance, education, and inspection of facilities and operations. The reports are more

  • Commission of Soldiers’ Orphan Schools (PA) List of Deceased Students, 1865-1907

    List of Students who Died at the Soldiers' Orphan School is a register of student deaths providing: name of student, birth date, county location of school, more

  • Commission of Soldiers’ Orphan Schools (PA) Orphans Leaving School, 1883-1903

    List of Soldiers' Orphans Leaving School, 1883, 1886-1888, 1894, 1903 information includes: names of students discharged from orphan schools or homes, providing names of principals and more

  • Conscientious Objector Depositions, 1862

    The series contains both standard printed and handwritten forms signed by draft commissioners for each man who was conscientiously scrupulous on the subject of bearing arms. more

  • Descriptive Books of Regiments and Companies, 1861-1865

    A record of soldiers the 48th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, Companies A-K (1861), the 1st Artillery, 43rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, Batteries A-H (1861-1864), Battery more

  • Examination Reports for Candidates for Appointment as Medical Officers (PA) 1861-1865

    Lists from the Board of Medical Examiners naming those who passed the medical examination addressed to Governor Andrew Curtin. Information provided about each applicant includes name, more

  • Korean War Compensation Application Batch Sheets and Serial Number Indexes, 1955-1967

    Serial number indexes and compensation application batch sheets from the Pennsylvania Korean War Bonus Program. These records provide a listing of those who were recipients of more

  • List of Soldiers Orphans’ Arriving at Age 16, 1894

    Images of a list showing the names of orphans and their date of admission at Chester Springs, Harford, and Uniontown Soldiers' Orphan School. At the end more

  • Lists of Deserters and Substitute Deserters, 1861-1866

    Completed in 1866, these lists are mostly official forms issued by the War Department that include each dissenters name, age, height, complexion, eye and hair color, more

  • Lists of Sick and Wounded Soldiers, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1864

    A record of the hospitalization and treatment of sick and wounded Pennsylvania soldiers. Entries are dated and usually record the name, company and regiment of each more

  • Medical Examination Papers (PA) 1861-1865

    These medical examinations completed by candidates for regimental surgeons tested the candidates' knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Attached to each thesis is information providing each more

  • Mexican War Service Index (PA) 1846-1848

    A record of soldiers attached to the 1st Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Mexican War. Information appearing includes the soldiers names, commanders, companies, regiments, dates mustered in, more

  • Minutes, Correspondence and Related Materials of the State Veterans Commission, 1962-1963, 1972-2005

    This series contains meeting minutes of the State Veterans Commission, as well as meeting handouts, statistical reports done by the Commission and budget reports. Also present more

  • Miscellaneous Discharge Certificates, 1861-1866

    Contains approximately thirty discharge certificates for recruits who served with federal (Army, Navy, and Marine Corps) or state (Pennsylvania Militia or National Guard) military units. Generally more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) Admission and Medical Book, 1893-1922

    The Admission and Medical Examination Book includes the following information on each patient: date, age during admission into the Home, rank, company and regiment, nativity, social more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) Death Record Book, 1886-1925

    The Death Record Book includes the following information on each patient: name, date of admittance, company and regiment, date of enlistment, date of death, age, place more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) Discharge and Offense Book, 1895-1909

    A record of patient offenses and disciplinary action taken. Information about each offender includes name of the patient, date, register number and pensioner number. Images are more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) General Record of Members, 1888-1907

    A general record of members including: name, register number, rank, company and regiment, name of war, months in service, pension amount per month, date of admission, more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) Hospital Record Book, 1889-1901

    The record includes each patients': name, date of admission, rank, company and regiment, home number, hospital number, disease type, religious affiliation, social condition, address of nearest more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) Hospital Records, 1890-1900

    Hospital records including: name, date of admittance, type of disease, date of discharge, date of death, name of nearest friend, effects or personal belongings, final disposition more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) Patient Histories, 1903-1925

    The histories include each patients': name, date, register number, hospital number, description and history of stay at the Home, admission date, discharge date, description of ailment, more

  • PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Erie (PA) Patient Record Books, 1886-1949

    Patient record books include: patient name, register number, application number, date of birth, place of birth, place of residence, occupation, names and addresses of nearest relatives, more

  • Population Record Books of the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home, 1864-1883

    Roster of Admissions, April 12, 1864-May 21, 1872. Arranged by admittance date, entries list the veterans name, age, place of birth, number, date of admittance, disease more

  • Record Book of Candidates by the State Medical Board (PA) 1862

    Record book kept by Pennsylvania Surgeon General Dr. Henry H. Smith of 213 candidates examined by the State Medical Board commencing July 28, 1862. Numbered sequentially more

  • Record Book of Claims for Arrears of Pay and Bounty (PA) 1864-1869

    A record of claims of arrears and bounty due to Pennsylvania Volunteers who fought and died in combat during the Civil War. Entries generally show soldiers' more

  • Record Book of Medical Officers of the Pennsylvania Volunteers (PA) 1861-1864

    A record of surgeons and assistant surgeons who served in the Pennsylvania volunteers. Information found about each surgeon and assistant surgeon includes name, date mustered-in, dates more

  • Record of Pennsylvania Volunteers (PA) in the Spanish-American War, 1898

    The record contains the names of all soldiers and sailors from Pennsylvania who served in the Spanish-American War, as shown by the Muster-In and Muster-Out Rolls. more

  • Records of Drafted Men and Substitutes (PA) 1862

    Reports of draft commissioners giving number drafted, number of substitutes, number exempted, number never reported, number volunteered in lieu of draft, number deserted, aggregate number drafted, more

  • Register of Sick and Wounded Soldiers, circa 1861-1865

    Ledger providing a record of sick and wounded soldiers in Pennsylvania during 1862. Entries usually list the soldiers' names, residences, companies and regiments, terms of service, more

  • Registers of Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons (PA) 1861-1866

    A record of surgeons and assistant surgeons employed by Pennsylvania during the Civil War. Information about each surgeon or assistant surgeon includes: name, county of residence, more

  • Substitutes’ Depositions (PA) 1862

    Depositions of drafted men who were refused substitutes because they had already been sworn into service, depositions by substitutes swearing to assume and perform all duties more

  • Surgeons’ Reports (PA) 1861-1864

    Morning reports of surgeons at Camps Washington (Easton), Wayne, Wright, and Curtin recording daily conditions in military hospitals. Information provided within each report includes a breakdown more