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Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (12 collections)

  • Admission of Attorneys Dockets, 1742-1935, 1970-1977

    Images of lists of attorneys granted permission to practice in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In order to practice at this level, attorneys were required to more

  • Appearance and Continuance Dockets, 1740-1795

    Images of records of cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. An Appearance Docket generally documents the initial proceedings of a more

  • Appearance Dockets, 1795-1977

    Images of dockets of appeals petitioned to the Supreme Court, Eastern District. Information given for each case includes the dates of returnable papers; arguments and opinions; more

  • Autograph File, 1683, 1767-1815

    The documents within this series were extracted from their original series files in 1925 due to their unique historical value. They contain valuable autographs of national more

  • Bundles of Miscellaneous Court Papers with Index, 1790-1883

    Images of various documents filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, including petitions, transcripts, maps of streets and land tracts, copies of opinions, affidavits, wills, charges more

  • Claims Docket, 1778-1779

    Images of cases heard and adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania against citizens accused of high treason. The cases involve claims made against the real more

  • Continuance Dockets, 1795-1837

    Images of dockets that list subsequent actions taken and papers filed in a case after the initial entry in another docket. Information given includes names of more

  • Coroners’ Inquisition Papers, 1751, 1768-1796

    Images of reports of inquisitions conducted by a County Coroner and a twelve man panel who had viewed a body attesting to the cause of death. more

  • Pennsylvania State Archives – Declaration of Intention Dockets, 1819-1870, 1873-1875, 1881-1906

    Images of dockets containing oaths, sworn before the Prothonotary of the Supreme Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, affirming an alien's intention to become a more

  • Pennsylvania State Archives – Divorce Papers, 1786-1815

    Images of case files for divorce cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. Documents filed may include petitions (libels) for divorce, more

  • Writs of Habeas Corpus and Petitions, circa 1771-1863

    The petitions were originally made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, requesting that he issue a writ of habeas corpus which would then allow more

  • Writs of Habeas Corpus for Black Slaves and Indentured Servants, 1784-1787

    This series was separated out from (RG-033-A-118) Writs of Habeas Corpus and Petitions, 1771-1863. The documents were filed with the Supreme Court, Eastern District, and contain more