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SHAREit Tip – To Renew or Not Renew?

Your lending policy in your Participant Record indicates whether or not you loan a particular format and, if so, the length of the loan and renewal periods. It also determines if the borrowing library will receive an automatic rejection when placing a renewal request!

In these examples, the Lending Policy indicates that the lending library may renew the first format for 35 days but will not renew the second format.

To Renew or Not Renew?

#1: If a renewal request is made, the lending library will see it in their Action Items list under the status of Renew Pending (if the item is not yet due) or Renew/Overdue (if the item is overdue). In either case, the lending library can select to Accept Renewal or Reject Renewal.

  • If the renewal is accepted, the new due date will be based on the Renewal Loan Period, calculated from the date the renewal is accepted.  The borrower will see the item listed under Accepted Renewal in their Action Items.
  • If the renewal is rejected, the borrower will see it listed under Rejected Renewal in their Action Items if the item is not yet due. If it is overdue, it will remain in the status of Overdue and the Reject Renewal action will be listed in the request history.

#2: The Lending Library will not receive a renewal request and the borrowing library will receive an automatic rejection noted in the request history as: “Policy error: Renewal not allowed for this item.”

If there is the possibility that an item may be renewed, be sure to update your Lending Policy to reflect that by indicating Renew = Y and enter the number of days for the Renewal Loan Period (which can be different than the original Loan Period). If Renew = N or the Renewal Loan Period = 0, the borrower will receive an automatic rejection of their renewal request!

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