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SHAREit Tip – Changing the Font Size

Do you think the font size is a bit too small on the Request Manager? If yes, change it!

To increase the font size, select CTRL+ (the Control key and the “+” sign). That will increase the size of what you’re seeing on the screen. You can repeat that until the size is comfortable for you. Use CTRL- to decrease. On Apple devices, useCommand+ and Command-. This works on just about any web page.

Depending on how much you magnify the text, you may notice that some of the items in the header change to just icons and the Staff Dashboard menus may move so they all fit on the screen. One of the version 5 update changes made SHAREit responsive and scalable for use on smaller screens like tablets. Magnifying the text forces SHAREit to behave as if you’re using a smaller screen, so the display may change but you won’t lose any information.

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