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SHAREit Tip – Action: Will Not Supply

Will not Supply is the action used for a Pending request that you are unable to ship.

After selecting Will not Supply, it’s important that you also select a reason from the Reason/Condition menu before clicking the Submit button. It only takes a few more seconds!

Why? If a request cannot be filled by any of the potential lenders, SHAREit uses the reasons provided for Will not Supply to determine if the request should go back to the borrower in the status of Unfilled or Retry. If you don’t provide a reason, you may receive the request again if the borrower chooses to retry the request. That may be fine if your reason for not supplying it was temporary but you won’t want to receive the same request again if you can’t lend the item due to a policy problem.

SHAREit Tip Request Status: Retry vs. Unfilled explains the difference between the two statuses.

Bonus Tip: When making a selection from the Reason/Condition menu, note that there is a scroll bar to the right of the list. You may need to scroll down to see all of the reasons, including Policy Problem.