Google Analytics Participation/Application - Power Library


Inquiries and applications are invited:

Please complete this questionnaire if your institution is interested in participating in PA Photos and Documents

For Institutions that are new to PA Photos and Documents:

Application for PA Photos and Documents [PDF]

For Institutions that are already participating in PA Photos and Documents:
Submit a collection

What are the participating institutions’ responsibilities?

  • Digitize, add, and maintain high-quality materials
  • Assign metadata to materials
  • Establish a contact person for HSLC and POWER Library

POWER Library provides:

  • The ability to add collections
  • Data stored in a secure server facility
  • Copies of the data for the institution
  • 24/7 availability of data
  • A homepage for each collection
  • Keyword searching of one or more collections
  • Discovery of collections across the USA and beyond in the Digital Public Library of America
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