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Not Receiving the Access Pennsylvania News?

Some mail filters block the Access Pennsylvania News.  If you are not receiving the Access Pennsylvania News even though you have subscribed to the News directly or should be receiving it because you are subscribed to other HSLC mailing lists, it may because your mail program is filtering the News messages. It is common practice for some spam filters to look for variations in the sender’s address, because “spoofing” addresses is a frequent method of distributing spam. Since we began using an outsourced mail distribution service, there have been numerous bounced messages which we attribute to spam filters. There is usually a way to “white-list” an address so there is an exception to the rules for that address. If you believe that your mail system is blocking the distribution of the News, please consult with your IT staff and ask them to white-list and also “” (for‘s anti-spam policy, please go to the following link: If they are willing and able to do this it should unblock the distribution of the News for you. If you are unsuccessful in having the News unblocked, please be assured that we will continue to also publish it on the POWER Library – For Librarians website at the same time it is distributed by email.

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