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Children’s Book Read Aloud Activities

Children’s Books with No Copyright Restrictions for Read Aloud Activities

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TitleAuthorProject Gutenberg Link (Copy and paste link to view title)
A Apple PieGreenaway, Kate
A Bit of SunshineUnknown / Anonymous
A Book of NonsenseLear, Edward
A Child’s Garden of VersesStevenson, Robert Louis
A Chinese Wonder BookPitman, Norman Hinsdale
A Christmas CarolDickens, Charles
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Twain, Mark
A Defective Santa ClausRiley, James Whitcomb
A Frog Who Would a-Wooing GoBennett, Charles
A Great Emergency and Other TalesEwing, Juliana Horatia Gatty
A Kidnapped Santa ClausBaum, Frank
A Little PrincessBurnett, Frances Hodgson
A Modern CinderellaAlcott, Louisa May
Adventures of Reddy FoxBurgess, Thornton W.
Adventures of the Little Woman, Her Dog, and the PedlarUnknown / Anonymous
Aeaop’s FablesAesop
Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandLewis, Carroll
American Fairy TalesBaum, Frank
An Alphabet of Old FriendsCrane, Walter
Andersen’s Fairy TalesAndersen, Hans Christian
Animal Children: The Friends of the Forest and the PlainKirkwood, Edith Brown
Anne of AvonleaMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Anne of Green GablesMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Anne of the IslandMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Anne’s House of DreamsMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Baseball ABCUnknown / Anonymous
Beautiful Stories from ShakespeareNesbit, E.
Black Beauty, Young Folks’ EditionSewell, Anna
Blacky the CrowBurgess, Thornton W.
Book about AnimalsMerrill, Rufus
Browser the HoundBurgess, Thornton W.
Captain BoldheartDickens, Charles
Cecily Parsley’s Nursery RhymesPotter, Beatrix
Celtic Fairy TalesJacobs, Joseph
Children’s Hour with Red Riding Hood and Other StoriesUnknown / Anonymous
Chronicles of AvonleaMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Cinderella in the South: Twenty-Five South African TalesCripps, Arthur Shearly
Come Lasses and LadsCaldecott, Randolph
Cruise of the Little Dipper & Other Fairy TalesLanger, Susanne K.
Denslow’s Mother GooseDenslow, William Wallace
Denslow’s Three BearsDenslow, William Wallace
Doodles, The Sunshine BoyDowd, Emma C
Dorothy and the Wizard of OzBaum, Frank
Dutch Fairy Tales for Young FolksGriffis, William Elliot
Eight CousinsAlcott, Louisa May
English Fairy TalesJacobs, Joseph
Fairy Tales Every Child Should KnowMabie, Hamilton Wright
Fairy Tales from the Arabian NightsDixon, E.
Famous Stories Every Child Should KnowMabie, Hamilton Wright
Favorite Fairy TalesMarshall, Logan
Finger Plays for Nursery and KindergartenPoulsson, Emilie
Flower FablesAlcott, Louisa May
Folk Tales Every Child Should KnowMabie, Hamilton Wright
Fun and NonsenseBonte, Willard
Funny AlphabetCogger, Edward
Further Chronicles of AvonleaMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Gems of Poetry for Girls and BoysUnknown / Anonymous
Glinda of OzBaum, Frank
Goody Two-ShoesUnknown / Anonymous
Gulliver’s Travels into Several Remote Nations of the WorldSwift, Jonathan
Hans Brinker, or the Silver SkatesDodge, Mary Mapes
Happy JackBurgess, Thornton W.
Harrison’s New Nursery Picture BookUnknown / Anonymous
Harry’s Ladder to LearningUnknown / Anonymous
HeidiSpyri, Johanna
Heroes Every Child Should KnowMabie, Hamilton Wright
Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for My ChildrenKingsley, Charles
Hey Diddle and Baby BuntingCaldecott, Randolph
Holiday Stories for Young PeopleSangster, Margaret Elizabeth Munson
Homespun TalesWiggin, Kate Douglas
Household StoriesThe Brothers Grimm
Irish Fairy TalesStephens, James
Jack and Jill Alcott, Louisa May
Japanese Fairy TalesOzaki, Yei Theodora
Johnny Crow’s GardenBrooke, L. Leslie
Johnny Crow’s PartyBrooke, L. Leslie
Just So StoriesKipling, Rudyard
Just WilliamCrompton, Richmal
Kilmeny of the OrchardMontgomery, Lucy Maud
King Arthur’s Knights: The Tales Re-told for Boys & GirlsGilbert, Henry
Kitty’s Class Day and Other StoriesAlcott, Louisa May
Legends That Every Child Should Know: A Selection of the Great Legends of All Times for Young PeopleMabie, Hamilton Wright
Life and Adventures of Santa ClausBaum, Frank
Life on the MississippiTwain, Mark
Little CinderellaUnknown / Anonymous
Little Lord FauntleroyBurnett, Frances Hodgson
Little MenAlcott, Louisa May
Little Stories for Little ChildrenUnknown / Anonymous
Little WideawakeBarker, Lucy D. Sale
Little Wizard Stories of OzBaum, Frank
Little WomenAlcott, Louisa May
London TownCrane, Thomas Frederick
Marigold GardenGreenaway, Kate
Moon Princess, A Fairy TaleHarrison, Edith Ogden
More NonsenseLear, Edward
More WilliamCrompton, Richmal
Mother Goose or the Old Nursey RhymesGreenaway, Kate
Mrs. Peter RabbitBurgess, Thornton W.
Myths That Every Child Should Know; A Selection of the Classic Myths of All Times for Young PeopleMabie, Hamilton Wright
New Chronicles of RebeccaWiggin, Kate Douglas
Nonsense BooksLear, Edward
Nonsense Drolleries: The Owl & The Pussy-cat – The Duck & The KangarooLear, Edward
Nonsense SongsLear, Edward
Old Mother Hubbard and her dogUnknown
Old-Fashioned Fairy TalesEwing, Juliana Horatia Gatty
Pee-Wee HarrisFitzhugh, Percy Keese
Peter and WendyBarrie, J.M.
Peter PanBarrie, J. M.
Peter Pan in Kensington GardensBarrie, J.M.
Pleasing Stories for Good Children with PicturesUnknown / Anonymous
Poems Every Child Should KnowBurt, Mary E.
PollyannaPorter, Eleanor H.
Pollyanna Grows UpPorter, Eleaner
Punky Dunk and the Gold FishAnonymous
Punky Dunk and the MouseAnonymous
Punky Dunk and the Spotter PupAnonymous
R. Caldecott’s First Collection of Pictures and SongsCaldecott, Randolph
Raggedy Andy StoriesGruelle, Johnny
Raggedy Ann StoriesGruelle, Johnny
Rainbow ValleyMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Rebecca of Sunnybrook FarmWiggin, Kate Douglas
Rilla of InglesideMontgomery, Lucy Maud
Ring O’Roses: A Nursery Rhyme Picture BookBrooke, L. Leslie
Rip Van WinkleIrving, Washington
Rootabaga StoriesSandberg, Carl
Rose in BloomAlcott, Louisa May
Short Stories Old and NewSmith, C. Alphonso
Simple Simon: Silhouette SeriesUnknown / Anonymous
Six Giants and a Griffin & Other StoriesOtis, Sarah Elizabeth Birdsall
Stories of the Gorilla Country, Narrated for Young PeopleDu Chaillu, Paul B.
Tales of Wonder Every Child Should KnowWiggin, Kate Douglas
Tanglewood Tales: A Wonder-Book for Girls and BoysHawthorne, Nathaniel
The Absurd ABCCrane, Walter
The Adventures of Baron MunchausenRaspe, Rudolf Erich
The Adventures of Grandfather FrogBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain, Mark
The Adventures of Jerry MuskratBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Jimmy SkunkBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Johnny ChuckBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Lightfoot the DeerBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Maya the BeeBonseld, Waldemar
The Adventures of Mr. MockerBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Old Mr. ToadBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Paddy BeaverBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of PinocchioCollodi, Carlo
The Adventures of Poor Mrs. QuackBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Prickly PorkyBurgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain, Mark
The Aesop for ChildrenAesop
The Arabian Nights: Their Best-known TalesWiggin, Kate Douglas
The Babes in the WoodCaldecott, Randolph
The Baby’s BouquetCrane, Walter
The Baby’s OperaCrane, Walter
The Baby’s Own AesopCrane, Walter
The Blue Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Bo Peep Story BooksChatelain, Clara de
The Bobbsey Twins at HomeHope, Laura Lee
The Bobbsey Twins at Meadow BrookHope, Laura Lee
The Bobbsey Twins at SchoolHope, Laura Lee
The Bobbsey Twins at Snow LodgeHope, Laura Lee
The Book of DragonsNesbit, E.
The Brown Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Brownies and Other TalesEwing, Juliana Horatia Gatty
The Butterfly’s Ball and the Grasshopper’s FeastRoscoe, William
The Cat and the Mouse; A Book of Persian Fairy TalesJames, Hartwell
The Children’s Own LongfellowLongfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Crickey on the HearthDickens, Charles
The Crimson Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Emerald City of OzBaum, Frank
The Enchanted CastleNesbit, E.
The Enchanted Island of YewBaum, Frank
The Fairy Godmothers and Other TalesGatty, Alfred, Mrs.
The Farmer’s BoyCaldecott, Randolph
The Fox Jumps Over the Parson’s GateCaldecott, Randolph
The Frog Prince and Other StoriesCrane, Walter
The Golden Goose BookBrooke, L. Leslie
The Golden RoadMontgomery, Lucy Maud
The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix PotterPotter, Beatrix
The Great Panjandrum HimselfCaldecott, Randolph
The Green Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Grey Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Happy Prince and Other TalesWilde, Oscar
The History of Tom Thumb and Other StoriesUnknown / Anonymous
The House That Jack BuiltCaldecott, Randolph
The Jungle BabyFarrow, G.E.
The Jungle BookKipling, Rudyard
The Kipling ReaderKipling, Rudyard
The Kitten’s Garden of VersesHerford, Oliver
The Legend of Sleepy HollowIrving, Washington
The Life and Adventures of Robinson CrusoeDefoe, Daniel
The Lilac Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Little Lame Prince: Rewritten for Young Readers By Margaret WaterMulock, Dinah Maria
The Little Mother GooseUnknown / Anonymous
The Little People of the SnowBryant, William Cullen
The Little Red Hen: An Old English Folk TaleUnknown / Anonymous
The Lost PrinceBurnett, Frances Hodgson
The Lost Princess of OzBaum, Frank
The Magic CityNesbit, E.
The Magic FishboneDickens, Charles
The Magic of OzBaum, Frank
The Marvelous Land of OzBaum, Frank
The Master Key, an Electrical Fairy Tale Founded Upon the Mysteries of ElectricityBaum, Frank
The Merry Adventures of Robin HoodPyle, Howard
The MilkmaidCaldecott, Randolph
The Mythological ZooHerford, Oliver
The National Nursery Book; with 120 IllustrationsUnknown / Anonymous
The Orange Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Peter Patter Book of Nursery RhymesJackson, Leroy F.
The Phoenix and the CarpetNesbit, E.
The Pied Piper of HamelinBrowning, Robert
The Pink Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Prince and the PauperTwain, Mark
The Princess and the GoblinMacDonald, George
The Queen of Hearts and Sing a Song of SixpenceCaldecott, Randolph
The Railway ChildrenNesbit, E.
The Rainbow and the RoseNesbit, E.
The Real Mother GooseAnonymous
The Red Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Remarkable Adventures of an Old Woman and Her PigUnknown / Anonymous
The Road to OzBaum, Frank
The Scarecrow of OzBaum, Frank
The Sea FairiesBaum, Frank
The Second Jungle BookKipling, Rudyard
The Secret GardenBurnett, Frances Hodgson
The Sleeping Beauty Picture BookCrane, Walter
The Song of HiawathaLongfellow, Henry Wadsworth
The Song of Sixpence Picture BookCrane, Walter
The Story GirlMontgomery, Lucy Maud
The Story HourWiggin, Kate Douglas
The Story of Doctor DolittleLofting, Hugh
The Story of Jack and the GiantsUnknown / Anonymous
The Story of PatsyWiggin, Kate Douglas
The Story of the AmuletNesbit, E.
The Story of the Three Little PigsBrooke, L. Leslie
The Story of the Treasure SeekersNesbit, E.
The Swiss Family RobinsonWyss, Johann David Wyss
The Tale of Benny BadgerBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Betsy ButterflyBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Bobby BobolinkBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Brownie BeaverBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Buster BumblebeeBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Cuffy BearBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Daddy LonglegsBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Dickie Deer MouseBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Fatty CoonBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Ferdinand FrogBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Freddie FireflyBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Frisky SquirrelBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Grandfather MoleBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Grumpy WeaselBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Grunty PigBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Henrietta HenBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Jasper JayBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Jimmy RabbitBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Kiddie KatydidBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Master Meadow MouseBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Miss Kitty CatBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Mrs. LadybugBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Nimble DeerBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Old Mr. CrowBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Peter MinkBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Pony TwinkleheelsBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Rusty WrenBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Sandy ChipmunkBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Snowball LambBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Solomon OwlBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of The Muley CowBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Timothy TurtleBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Tommy FoxBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tale of Turkey ProudfootBailey, Arthur Scott
The Tales of Mother GoosePerrault, Charles
The Talking BeastsWiggin, Kate Douglas
The Three Jovial HuntsmenCaldecott, Randolph
The Tin Woodman of OzBaum, Frank
The Trial of William TinklingDickens, Charles
The Velveteen RabbitBianco, Margery Williams
The Violet Fairy BookLand, Andrew
The Voyages of Dr. DolittleLofting, Hugh
The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-BabyKingsley, Charles
The Wind in the WillowsGrahame, Kenneth
The Wise Mamma GooseHerr, Charlotte B.
The Woggle-Bug BookBaum, Frank
The WouldbegoodsNesbit, E.
The Yellow Fairy BookLand, Andrew
Through the Looking-GlassLewis, Carroll
Timothy’s QuestWiggin, Kate Douglas
Treasure IslandStevenson, Robert Louis
Twas the Night before Christmas: A Visit from St. NicholasMoore, Clement Clarke
Twice Told TalesHawthorne, Nathaniel
Uncle Remus and Brer RabbitHarris, Joel Chandler
Uncle Tom’s Cabin; Young Folks’ EditionStowe, Harriet Beecher
Uncle Wiggily and Old Mother Hubbard Adventures of the Rabbit Gentleman with the Mother Goose CharactersGaris, Howard R.
Uncle Wiggily in the WoodsGaris, Howard R.
Uncle Wiggily on the Flying Run; or The Great Adventure on a Windy March DayGaris, Howard R.
Uncle Wiggily Story BookGaris, Howard R.
Uncle Wiggily’s AdventuresGaris, Howard R.
Uncle Wiggily’s AutomobileGaris, Howard R.
Uncle Wiggily’s TravelsGaris, Howard R.
Under the LilacsAlcott, Louisa May
Welsh Fairy TalesGriffis, William Elliot
Willie MouseTabor, Alta
Wonderwings and other Fairy StoriesHowes, Edith