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Review a FAQ about the switch to e-resources from Gale

Question: When will the new GALE e-resources be available in POWER Library?
Answer: Soon!  We will have a date once procurement is complete.

Question: When will the expiring e-resources be removed from POWER Library?
Answer: July 31

Question: Will we need to change our e-resource links if we link to the alphabetical or  subject lists?
Answer: No. If you link to the alphabetical (“List all”) or subject (“Help me choose”) link, you will not need to do anything.  The e-resources will automatically update on those lists.

Question: Will we need to change links that go directly to an e-resource?
Answer: Yes. If you use a direct link to an e-resource such as Business Source Main Edition, you will need to remove that link from your website.

Question: Will we be able to provide direct links to a specific GALE e-resource?
Answer: Yes. Those links will be available in the Links Generator as soon as they are available for us to add them.  The Links Generator is available at:

Question: Will we need to change our POWER Kids link?
Answer: No.  The e-resources displayed on POWER Kids will update automatically.

Question: Are all the EBSCO e-resources expiring?
Answer: No, the following EBSCO (and other) e-resources will continue to be available.

  • EBSCO AP Images
  • EBSCO Consumer Health
  • EBSCO eBooks
  • EBSCO Science Reference Center
  • Gale Contemporary Authors
  • Rosen Cyber Smarts
  • Scholastic BookFlix
  • Scholastic TrueFlix

Question: Which e-resources will be new?
Answer: The following e-resources will be added to POWER Library.

  • Gale Academic OneFile
  • Gale Business Insights: Essentials
  • Gale Kids InfoBits
  • Gale InfoTrac Student Edition
  • Gale General OneFile
  • Gale Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (GREENR)
  • Gale Research in Context
  • Gale InfoTrac Newsstand
  • Gale Educator’s Reference Complete
  • Gale Books & Authors
  • Gale Informe Academico
  • Gale LitFinder
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library

Question: Which e-resources are expiring?
Answer: The following e-resources are expiring.

  • EBSCO Business Source Main Edition
  • EBSCO Explora Elementary (interface)
  • EBSCO Explora Middle School (interface)
  • EBSCO Explora High School (interface)
  • EBSCO Explora Public Library (interface)
  • EBSCO GreenFile
  • EBSCO MasterFile Main Edition
  • EBSCO Middle Search Main Edition
  • EBSCO Newspaper Source Plus
  • EBSCO Newswires
  • EBSCO Primary Search Main Edition
  • EBSCO Teacher Reference Center
  • EBSCO Web News
  • ProQuest SIRS Discoverer

Question: What if our library already subscribes to Gale resources?
Answer: If your library currently subscribes to any of the Gale products that will be added to POWER Library, Gale will be in contact with you regarding prorated credits to your account. You should continue to purchase any Gale products that you subscribe to that are not listed to be added to POWER Library.

Question: What does this mean for statistics?
Answer: There will be no change to how you access statistics and statistics for the new e-resources will appear in your reports as they become available.

Question: Will there be promotional materials available for the newly added e-resources?
Answer: Yes. Promotional materials will be produced and will be distributed at trainings and conferences. All promotional materials produced for POWER Library services are available online at:

Question: Will icons be available for the new e-resources?
Answer: Yes. Icons for each e-resource will be available at:

Question: How can I get training on the new e-resources?
Answer: The next opportunity to obtain training on the new e-resources will be in-person at Fall Training this year, which will focus solely on the new e-resources.  (Online training opportunities are anticipated to occur later in the fall.)  The in-person training dates and locations are available online at:

Question: How do I get support for the new e-resources?
Answer: HSLC will be providing support for all e-resources.  Please contact HSLC with any questions about continuing and expiring e-resources, links, etc., at:

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