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SHAREit Tip – Using Title Browse

Title Browse is available in the ILL Admin menu for your requests as a Borrower and as a Lender.

What should you know about Title Browse?

  1. The list includes the title, request number, library, author, patron, and current status.
  2. The list is in alphabetical order and cannot be sorted any other way. You can scroll through the list by using the navigation arrows in the upper left, or jump to titles beginning with a specific letter by selecting the letter in the upper right. If there are two requests with the same title, they are listed in request number order.
  3. The Search Title field is not a keyword search. If you remember the book had “heroes” the title but not the word before heroes, entering “heroes” will take you to the first title that starts with those letters but it won’t find the title “Almost Heroes” – it’s searching the string of letters at the beginning of the titles.
  4. The list includes all active and completed ILL Requests. This means requests currently displayed in the Request Manager. Once a request is deleted, either manually or 5 days after going into Complete Status, the title will no longer display in Title Browse.

Title Browse can be used if, for example, you know a title is on loan and want to check on it but you don’t know its current status in the Request Manager. You can to click on the title to see the Borrower’s or Lender’s Full Record Display and can even perform the same actions as from the Request Manager.

What if you’re looking for a title that is complete and no longer displaying in the Request Manager and Title Browse? Use the Activity and Request Reports (in the Statistics menu) for Request Records or Lender Response Records. For more information, see ILL Statistics posted under ILL Processing.

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