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SHAREit Tip – Using NA vs. N in Your Lending Policy

It’s important that the Lending Policy section of your library’s Participant Record is completed accurately so SHAREit knows what to do with requests for loans and renewals of different formats. The possible responses for Lend and Renew are Y, N, or NA. The Y response is easy – enter Y for Yes if you lend that format, and enter Y for Yes if you renew that format, along with the number of days for Loan Period and Renewal Loan Period (the renewal period can be different than the original loan period).

In this example, the library will lend books for 35 days but the renewal period is 21 days:

But what about N and NA? What’s the difference?

  • N, or No, means your library collects that format but does not lend it via ILL.
  • NA, or Not Applicable, means your library does not collect materials in that format.

For either N or NA, be sure to change the Loan Period 0.

In this example, the library does not collect music on cassette. It collects music on CD but does not lend that format via ILL:

If you lend a particular format but do not allow renewals, select Y for Lend, enter the Loan Period in days, then select N for Renew and enter 0 for the Loan Period. If a borrowing library requests a renewal via SHAREit for an item that you lend but don’t renew, the renewal will be automatically rejected. The request history will show the reason for the rejection as “Notes: Policy error: Renewal not allowed for this item” so the borrower can immediately see why the renewal was rejected.

This library will lend dissertations and theses for 21 days but will not renew them:

If you do lend a particular format but are not always able to renew the items, the best practice is to indicate Y for Renew and enter the number of days you will renew the item for, if possible, in the Renewal Loan Period. If your library receives a renewal request (lender requests with a status of Renew Pending or Renew/Overdue), you always have the option to reject the renewal. Remember to practice good ILL etiquette and provide a reason for the rejection so the borrowing library understands and can pass that information on to their borrower if asked.