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SHAREit Tip – Request Status: Returned

The Returned status indicates that an item has been sent back to the lending library.

If your library is the Lender
You’ll know the borrowing library has returned an item to you because the Returned status will be highlighted in your Action items list.

  • When you receive the material, be sure to action the request Check In to complete it. The Check In action completes the request for both the lender and borrower.

If your library is the Borrower
When you return an item to the lending library, be sure to change the status from Received to Returned so the lender knows it’s on its way back. This moves the request from your Action items list to the list of Items awaiting trading partner response. When the item is checked in at the lending library, the request will be Complete.

  • Please be aware that we at HSLC cannot perform the Check In action for a borrower – the lending library has to confirm they’ve received the item back. You can contact the lending library and ask them to perform the Check In See the SHAREit Tip Looking for Library Information? for help on finding the library’s ILL contact.)

See the SHAREit Tips Action: Check In and Request Status: Complete for more information.


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