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Request Status: Conditional

The Conditional status indicated that the lender is willing to lend the requested material if the borrower agrees to their condition(s).

If your library is the Lender:

  • Select the status of Conditional and supply a condition from the Reason/Condition list, such as Library Use Only.
  • If an applicable reason is not listed, select, click the title to open the Lender’s Full Record Display. Change the Status Options from Pending to Conditional and select the reason of Other. Scroll down, enter your condition in the Current Lender’s Note field, and click Submit.
  • If the borrower accepts your condition, it will come back to your library in Pending
  • If the borrower rejects your condition, the request will be removed from your Request Manager.
  • If the borrower cancels the request, it will display as Pending Cancel in your Action Items. Select Confirm Cancel to complete the request.

If your library is the Borrower:

  • The Conditional response will be listed in your Action Items.
  • You must click the title to open the Borrower’s Full Record Display to see the condition, listed as Lending Restrictions. Be sure to scroll down to see if there is a Lender’s Note – they do not display with a push pin like Borrower’s Notes!
  • If you agree to the conditional, change the Status Options from Conditional to Accept Condition and click Submit to send the request back to that lender as a Pending
  • If you don’t agree to the condition, change the Status Options from Conditional to Reject Condition. The request will be removed from the current lender’s Request Manager and it will go to the next potential lender. If the current lender is the last potential lender, the request will result in Unfilled
  • You also have the option to Request Cancel if you determine the request will not be filled as desired and do not want it to go to more potential lenders.
  • You may choose to add a Borrower’s Note at any time. Remember that notes become part of the request history and are viewable by all potential lenders; you can delete or modify a note if it is not applicable to all potential lenders.