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SHAREit Tip – Multi-page Status & Title Lists

When viewing a status list in the Request Manager or the Borrower’s Title Browse or Lender’s Title Browse lists, a maximum of 15 requests or titles will display on the page. If the list is more than one page, use the buttons in the upper left to scroll through the pages:

Scroll Buttons

The scroll buttons are only available when the list is longer than one page and the buttons are grayed-out if that function is not available. In the above example, only the “forward” buttons are available.

Use Single Page Scroll Buttons to scroll back or forward, one page at a time, respectively.

Use First and Last Page scroll Buttons to scroll to the first or last page of the list, respectively.

When viewing Title Browse lists, there is also an option to “Jump to” a letter, so you can jump to all titles beginning with a specific letter. Leading articles such as “The” and “A” are ignored.

When viewing status lists in the Request Manager, the “Jump to” option is not available, but you can use the “Sort this Status by” option to re-sort the list by, for example, Call Number or Request Number. If looking at a lender’s list, you can choose to sort by the Borrower Lib Code to sort by the borrowing library and can do the reverse, sort by the Current Lender Lib Code, if viewing a borrower’s list. The Borrower (or Lender) column in the display will include the library’s 5-character code plus the library’s name.