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SHAREit Tip – Looking for Library Information?

Looking for information like a phone number or email address for another library? There are two options available when you’re logged into SHAREit.

Search Library Information
Available in the ILL Admin menu on the Staff Dashboard, Search Library Information allows you to search for another library by code or name. In the results list, the library’s 5-character code is listed to the left of the library name. Click on the name to open the library information in a new window. Scroll down, below the long system-wide lender list, for contact information. A link to the library’s ILL Policy is located at the top of the window.

Participant Directory
Below the blue header bar, there is a link to the Participant Directory. It is available from the Home screen, the Staff Dashboard, and search screens. The Participant Directory provides a quick way to search for each participant’s contact information.
· If you’re not logged into SHAREit, the Participant Directory is available on POWER Library for Librarians on the Access PA Catalog and ILL System Documentation page under General Information:

Bonus Tip: Using either search option, you can enter part of a name in the Library Name field for a list of results containing that word. That’s helpful if, for example, you’re looking for the Erie Public Library and cannot find it. Enter “erie” in the Name field and you’ll see that the library’s name is the Erie County Public Library.

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