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Chat Widgets – Live Examples


There are four chat widgets to choose from, which you can place on any webpage within your library’s website (including having multiple widgets on different webpages) with an embed code. The different chat widgets include:


In-page Chat Widget: these widgets display the chat window entirely inside the page where you embedded them.


Button Pop-out Widget: these widgets allow users to click on a button, which launches the chat window in a new browser window. This widget should be used if your library website does not support an embedded widget.


Slide-out Tab Widget: this widget appears on the right of the browser window and says “Chat Now”; when a user selects, it expands to display the chat window.


Floating: these widgets display a button that floats in the bottom-right corner of the browser window. When a user clicks on the button, the widget expands above it.



Button Pop-out Widget

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