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Benefits of Contributing to Chat with a Librarian

Benefits to your library users

  • Reference and information services when, where, and how your patrons need it
  • Library services provided beyond your library’s normal hours
  • Meets your library users when and where they have an information need
  • Offers 24/7 statewide and global support for whenever your library users have questions

Benefits to your library

  • Adds additional reference access points for higher statistics
  • Demonstrates your library’s willingness to go beyond traditional services to meet their 21st century information needs
  • Potential to reach new library users
  • Furthers your mission and vision statements, offering an additional point of outreach
  • Increases your own profile, while being part of an innovative and popular statewide collaboration

Benefits to your staff

  • Cutting-edge reference skills for library staff members
  • Improves staff reference skills through training, mentoring, and collaboration
  • Connect with hundreds of reference staff throughout Pennsylvania
  • Get access to subject experts for those challenging questions

Benefits to participating libraries

  • Receive your own, customizable, virtual reference service
  • Ability to offer live virtual reference, as well as email and text reference
  • Demonstrate relevance by meeting patrons when and where they have a question
  • Provide a new, online library service at little cost
  • Knowledge that by contributing a few hours of staff time a week, you will be helping to provide library services to all Pennsylvania residents
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