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Pennsylvania History- 1866-1877, Reconstruction Era (51 collections)

  • Accounts of the Wardens of the Port, 1763-1957

    Images of cash books, daybooks, ledgers, journals, receipt book, vouchers, payroll requisitions, and related types of records kept by the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. more

  • Admission of Attorneys Dockets, 1742-1935, 1970-1977

    Images of lists of attorneys granted permission to practice in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In order to practice at this level, attorneys were required to more

  • Appeal Dockets, 1795-2014

    Images of a record of appellate cases in the Supreme Court, Western District. Cases deal with issues under the Court's mandatory and discretionary jurisdiction. Cases falling more

  • Appearance Dockets, 1795-1977

    Images of dockets of appeals petitioned to the Supreme Court, Eastern District. Information given for each case includes the dates of returnable papers; arguments and opinions; more

  • Appointment and Commission Books for Civil Officers, 1790-1973

    Images of appointments and commissions issued for civil officers. Information given is name of appointee, name of Governor or commission making the appointment, the position to more

  • Appointments File for Civil Officers, 1790-2009

    Images of gubernatorial appointments and commissions. Information usually provided is name of appointee, name of Governor or Commission making the appointment, the title of the position more

  • Basic Documents of Pennsylvania Including Proprietary Charters and Deeds, Indian Deeds, and State Constitutions, 1681-1873

    Images of the earliest surviving records of the Commonwealth including William Penn's charter from King Charles II, the earliest frames of government for the province, the more

  • Bundles of Miscellaneous Court Papers with Index, 1790-1883

    Images of various documents filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, including petitions, transcripts, maps of streets and land tracts, copies of opinions, affidavits, wills, charges more

  • Chambersburg War Damage Claim Applications (PA) 1866-1868

    This series contains applications for damage claims submitted by citizens who suffered losses during the burning of Chambersburg on July 30, 1864. The applications are itemized more

  • Chambersburg War Damage Claim Warrant Stub Books (PA) 1866

    Collection of receipts for payments to Chambersburg citizens awarded claims from the $500,000 appropriation of 1866 for the relief of Chambersburg citizens who lost property in more

  • Civil War Service and Pension Accounts (PA) 1861-1873

    The Service Accounts list expenditures and dis-allowances made by the state of Pennsylvania during and after the war. The first volume includes disbursements of funds on more

  • Clemency File, 1790-1873

    Images of primarily petitions for clemency addressed to the President of the Supreme Executive Council, the Governor, or the Board of Pardons and pardon proclamations issued more

  • Constitutional Convention of 1873 (PA) Journal

    This collection contains a record, arranged chronologically by date of entry, of each day of the convention giving the surnames of the delegates in the order more

  • Death Warrants File, 1795-1873

    Images of death warrants signed by the Governor. Information given is condemned prisoners name, nature of the crime, location of trial, and execution date. In most more

  • Declaration of Intention Dockets, 1819-1870, 1873-1875, 1881-1906

    Images of dockets containing oaths, sworn before the Prothonotary of the Supreme Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, affirming an alien's intention to become a more

  • Dockets, Including Lancaster and Chambersburg District Dockets, 1800-1961

    Images of a record of cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Middle District. Information provided about each case may include names of more

  • Equity Dockets, 1836-1875, 1877, 1880

    Images of a record of equity in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Docket entries were generally begun one or two terms before the case was actually more

  • Execution Dockets, 1786-1873

    Images of records of Supreme Court cases in which the execution of the Court's judgment was carried out to enforce payment of debts. Information provided by more

  • Executive Correspondence, 1790-1969

    Images of executive correspondence of the governors of Pennsylvania maintained by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Subject matter is wide ranging and covers all aspects of more

  • Governor John F. Hartranft (PA) Correspondence and Issue Files, 1873-1879

    This collection contains collection of correspondence, broadsides, and papers dealing with issues during Hartranft's two-term governorship. Among the subjects addressed are the 1876 Centennial Commission, the more

  • Index to Declaration of Intention Dockets, 1832-1901

    Images of a partial, external index to the 11 volume series RG/033/A/35- Declaration of Intention Dockets, 1819-1870, 1873-1875, 1881-1906. Volumes 2-10, and part of 11/12 of more

  • Index to Naturalization Papers, 1794-1824, 1842-1868

    Images of an index to RG-033-A-75 - Naturalization Papers, 1794-1819, 1821-1868, filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. Information provided by entries more

  • Internal Improvements File, 1790-1902

    Images of records relating to the construction of bridges, canals, river improvements, roads and turnpikes, public buildings and their grounds. Records cover the following date spans more

  • Judgment Dockets, 1756-1896

    Images of twelve volumes of indices containing the following information for each judgment: case title, court term when judgment was rendered, page number, and sometimes additional more

  • Legislative Proceedings from the Senate Library, 1854-1909

    Images of bound and published records of the daily proceedings of the General Assembly under the title "The Legislative Record" that were published by the authority more

  • Mexican War Accounts and Related Papers (PA) 1846-1880

    A collection of muster rolls and claims for pay for the 1st and 2nd Regiments of the Pennsylvania Volunteers who participated in the Mexican War. The more

  • Meyersdale Public Library – William Henry Welfley Scrapbook Collection

    Meyersdale Public Library – William Henry Welfley Scrapbook Collection

    Born in 1840 in Salisbury, Somerset County, photographer, author and Civil War veteran William Henry Welfley would earn a reputation as "the county's historian." Serving 19 more

  • Military Claims File Claims not Settled (PA) 1862-1905

    A record of claims that were not settled in response to the Acts of April 16, 1862 and April 22, 1863 providing for the Adjutant General, more

  • Military Commission Books, 1800-1944

    Images of military commissions issued for officers. Information given is name, county of residence, rank, date of taking rank, military unit, regiment, company, and date of more

  • Military Pension Accounts and Related Papers (PA) circa 1789-1883

    The file consists of various pension books and lists of the names of Pennsylvania veterans who served between 1795 and 1883. Most of the accounts concern more

  • Minute Books of the Wardens of the Port, the Board Commissioners of Navigation, and the Navigation Committee, 1766-1773, 1783-1978

    Images of record books containing minutes of the meetings of the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date and place of meeting, names more

  • Minute Books, 1806-1816, 1819-1981

    Images of minutes of cases heard by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the Court of Nisi Prius in the Eastern District. Information provided includes: justices more

  • Minute Books, 1834-1838, 1854-1857, 1859-1990

    Images of minutes of cases heard by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Middle District. Information provided includes names of plaintiff, defendant, attorneys and jurors more

  • Minutes of the Board of Appraisers of Chambersburg War Damages (PA) 1866

    A daily record of the Chambersburg Board of Appraisers, created to appraise all damages associated with the Rebel invasion of July 1864. The board met at more

  • Miscellaneous Supreme and Superior Court Dockets, 1743-1749, 1876-1943

    Records of various types of cases brought before the Superior or Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania. Information provided by the entries includes names of plaintiff and defendant, more

  • Naturalization Docket, 1812-1867, bulk 1830-1855

    Images of a record of persons petitioning the Supreme Court for naturalization. Although the declarations of intent date from as early as September 12, 1812, to more

  • Naturalization Papers, 1831, 1840-1841, 1844-1856, 1862, 1867

    Images of two types of documents are contained in the file: petitions of naturalization and declarations of intention. The naturalization petitions generally contain the name, country more

  • Pardon Books, 1791-1877

    Images of pardons granted to persons convicted of crimes. Information generally provided is a brief case history, date of pardon, and the amount and date of more

  • Permanent Teaching Certificates (PA) Record Books, 1868-1908

    This collection, arranged numerically by certificate number and indexed internally, alphabetically by the first letter of the applicant's surname, contains a record of the persons granted more

  • Pilot Apprentice Indenture Books, 1806-1931, 1942

    Images of records of indentures of apprenticeship to river pilots. Information provided is date of indenture, name of apprentice, name of pilot, term of indenture in more

  • Pilots’ Report Books, Inward Bound, 1793-1903

    Images of record books of ships piloted. Information provided is date of entry, name of vessel, name of commander, name of pilot, from whence sailed, and more

  • Population Record Books of the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home, 1864-1883

    Roster of Admissions, April 12, 1864-May 21, 1872. Arranged by admittance date, entries list the veterans name, age, place of birth, number, date of admittance, disease more

  • Prison Population Records: Discharge Description Dockets, 1873-1957

    Images of discharge descriptive dockets of inmates discharged from the Western State Penitentiary. Information provided is inmate registration number, name of inmate, county where convicted, age more

  • Record Book of Claims for Arrears of Pay and Bounty (PA) 1864-1869

    A record of claims of arrears and bounty due to Pennsylvania Volunteers who fought and died in combat during the Civil War. Entries generally show soldiers' more

  • Record of Chambersburg War Damage Claim Final Awards (PA) 1866

    This is a record of the pro rata payment amount that each Chambersburg claimant received as a result of the $500,000 state appropriation. Information for each more

  • Registers of Pilots’ Names and Securities, 1783-1791, 1794-1876

    Information provided is name of pilot, place of residence, date bonded, and the name, occupation and place of residence of the person who stood as security more

  • Registers of Vessel Arrivals and Clearances, 1784-1879

    Registers of vessels arriving and clearing the port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date of arrival or clearance, name of vessel, from whence or to where more

  • Revolutionary War Pension File (PA) 1809-1893

    Certifications prepared by the Orphans' Court or the State Supreme Court entitling Revolutionary War veterans or their wives to obtain state compensation such as that provided more

  • Sheriff’s Deed Books and Lists of Attorneys Admitted, 1796-1876 (Lists 1742-1776, 1778-1809 only)

    Images of transcriptions of land property conveyances, originally taken in execution upon an estate or in a suit by virtue of a writ of fieri facias more

  • Warrant of Attorney Dockets, 1795-1874

    A warrant of attorney is more specific than a letter or power of attorney, in that it is addressed to one or more attorneys authorizing them more

  • Wharf License Books, 1864-1979

    Images of record books of wharf licenses granted by the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia to construct or extend piers and wharves. Information provided is more