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Pennsylvania History- 1861-1865, Civil War (55 collections)

  • Accounts of the Wardens of the Port, 1763-1957

    Images of cash books, daybooks, ledgers, journals, receipt book, vouchers, payroll requisitions, and related types of records kept by the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. more

  • Admission of Attorneys Dockets, 1742-1935, 1970-1977

    Images of lists of attorneys granted permission to practice in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. In order to practice at this level, attorneys were required to more

  • Appeal Dockets, 1795-2014

    Images of a record of appellate cases in the Supreme Court, Western District. Cases deal with issues under the Court's mandatory and discretionary jurisdiction. Cases falling more

  • Appearance Dockets, 1795-1977

    Images of dockets of appeals petitioned to the Supreme Court, Eastern District. Information given for each case includes the dates of returnable papers; arguments and opinions; more

  • Appointment and Commission Books for Civil Officers, 1790-1973

    Images of appointments and commissions issued for civil officers. Information given is name of appointee, name of Governor or commission making the appointment, the position to more

  • Appointments File for Civil Officers, 1790-2009

    Images of gubernatorial appointments and commissions. Information usually provided is name of appointee, name of Governor or Commission making the appointment, the title of the position more

  • Basic Documents of Pennsylvania Including Proprietary Charters and Deeds, Indian Deeds, and State Constitutions, 1681-1873

    Images of the earliest surviving records of the Commonwealth including William Penn's charter from King Charles II, the earliest frames of government for the province, the more

  • Board of Appraisers Minutes on Southern Border Property Damage (PA) 1863-1864

    A daily record of the Board of Appraisers convened by an act of the General Assembly to appraise all damages and losses associated with the impressment more

  • Bundles of Miscellaneous Court Papers with Index, 1790-1883

    Images of various documents filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, including petitions, transcripts, maps of streets and land tracts, copies of opinions, affidavits, wills, charges more

  • Candidates Examined for Appointments as Surgeons and Asst. Surgeons (PA) 1861-1865

    A record of examinations of candidates seeking appointments as surgeons or assistant surgeons. Information about each candidate generally includes name, postal address, county of residence, and more

  • Civil War Service and Pension Accounts (PA) 1861-1873

    The Service Accounts list expenditures and dis-allowances made by the state of Pennsylvania during and after the war. The first volume includes disbursements of funds on more

  • Clemency File, 1790-1873

    Images of primarily petitions for clemency addressed to the President of the Supreme Executive Council, the Governor, or the Board of Pardons and pardon proclamations issued more

  • Conscientious Objector Depositions, 1862

    The series contains both standard printed and handwritten forms signed by draft commissioners for each man who was conscientiously scrupulous on the subject of bearing arms. more

  • County Election Returns for Federal, State and Local Offices, 1790-1850

    Images of certified returns for election of candidates to federal, state, and local offices. Information given is date of election, name of each candidate, the total more

  • Death Warrants File, 1795-1873

    Images of death warrants signed by the Governor. Information given is condemned prisoners name, nature of the crime, location of trial, and execution date. In most more

  • Declaration of Intention Dockets, 1819-1870, 1873-1875, 1881-1906

    Images of dockets containing oaths, sworn before the Prothonotary of the Supreme Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, affirming an alien's intention to become a more

  • Descriptive Books of Regiments and Companies, 1861-1865

    A record of soldiers the 48th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, Companies A-K (1861), the 1st Artillery, 43rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, Batteries A-H (1861-1864), Battery more

  • Dockets, Including Lancaster and Chambersburg District Dockets, 1800-1961

    Images of a record of cases brought before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Middle District. Information provided about each case may include names of more

  • Equity Dockets, 1836-1875, 1877, 1880

    Images of a record of equity in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Docket entries were generally begun one or two terms before the case was actually more

  • Examination Reports for Candidates for Appointment as Medical Officers (PA) 1861-1865

    Lists from the Board of Medical Examiners naming those who passed the medical examination addressed to Governor Andrew Curtin. Information provided about each applicant includes name, more

  • Execution Dockets, 1786-1873

    Images of records of Supreme Court cases in which the execution of the Court's judgment was carried out to enforce payment of debts. Information provided by more

  • Index to Declaration of Intention Dockets, 1832-1901

    Images of a partial, external index to the 11 volume series RG/033/A/35- Declaration of Intention Dockets, 1819-1870, 1873-1875, 1881-1906. Volumes 2-10, and part of 11/12 of more

  • Index to Naturalization Papers, 1794-1824, 1842-1868

    Images of an index to RG-033-A-75 - Naturalization Papers, 1794-1819, 1821-1868, filed with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Eastern District. Information provided by entries more

  • Internal Improvements File, 1790-1902

    Images of records relating to the construction of bridges, canals, river improvements, roads and turnpikes, public buildings and their grounds. Records cover the following date spans more

  • Judgment Dockets, 1756-1896

    Images of twelve volumes of indices containing the following information for each judgment: case title, court term when judgment was rendered, page number, and sometimes additional more

  • Legislative Proceedings from the Senate Library, 1854-1909

    Images of bound and published records of the daily proceedings of the General Assembly under the title "The Legislative Record" that were published by the authority more

  • Letter Books and Rough Copies, 1790-1861

    Images of letter books and rough copies of executive correspondence sent either by the Governor or his Secretary. Information given is date of correspondence, name of more

  • Lists of Deserters and Substitute Deserters, 1861-1866

    Completed in 1866, these lists are mostly official forms issued by the War Department that include each dissenters name, age, height, complexion, eye and hair color, more

  • Lists of Sick and Wounded Soldiers, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1864

    A record of the hospitalization and treatment of sick and wounded Pennsylvania soldiers. Entries are dated and usually record the name, company and regiment of each more

  • Medical Examination Papers (PA) 1861-1865

    These medical examinations completed by candidates for regimental surgeons tested the candidates' knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Attached to each thesis is information providing each more

  • Mexican War Accounts and Related Papers (PA) 1846-1880

    A collection of muster rolls and claims for pay for the 1st and 2nd Regiments of the Pennsylvania Volunteers who participated in the Mexican War. The more

  • Meyersdale Public Library – William Henry Welfley Scrapbook Collection

    Meyersdale Public Library – William Henry Welfley Scrapbook Collection

    Born in 1840 in Salisbury, Somerset County, photographer, author and Civil War veteran William Henry Welfley would earn a reputation as "the county's historian." Serving 19 more

  • Military Claims File Claims not Settled (PA) 1862-1905

    A record of claims that were not settled in response to the Acts of April 16, 1862 and April 22, 1863 providing for the Adjutant General, more

  • Military Commission Books, 1800-1944

    Images of military commissions issued for officers. Information given is name, county of residence, rank, date of taking rank, military unit, regiment, company, and date of more

  • Military Pension Accounts and Related Papers (PA) circa 1789-1883

    The file consists of various pension books and lists of the names of Pennsylvania veterans who served between 1795 and 1883. Most of the accounts concern more

  • Minute Books of the Wardens of the Port, the Board Commissioners of Navigation, and the Navigation Committee, 1766-1773, 1783-1978

    Images of record books containing minutes of the meetings of the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date and place of meeting, names more

  • Minute Books, 1806-1816, 1819-1981

    Images of minutes of cases heard by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the Court of Nisi Prius in the Eastern District. Information provided includes: justices more

  • Minute Books, 1834-1838, 1854-1857, 1859-1990

    Images of minutes of cases heard by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in the Middle District. Information provided includes names of plaintiff, defendant, attorneys and jurors more

  • Miscellaneous Discharge Certificates, 1861-1866

    Contains approximately thirty discharge certificates for recruits who served with federal (Army, Navy, and Marine Corps) or state (Pennsylvania Militia or National Guard) military units. Generally more

  • Naturalization Docket, 1812-1867, bulk 1830-1855

    Images of a record of persons petitioning the Supreme Court for naturalization. Although the declarations of intent date from as early as September 12, 1812, to more

  • Naturalization Papers, 1831, 1840-1841, 1844-1856, 1862, 1867

    Images of two types of documents are contained in the file: petitions of naturalization and declarations of intention. The naturalization petitions generally contain the name, country more

  • Pardon Books, 1791-1877

    Images of pardons granted to persons convicted of crimes. Information generally provided is a brief case history, date of pardon, and the amount and date of more

  • Pilot Apprentice Indenture Books, 1806-1931, 1942

    Images of records of indentures of apprenticeship to river pilots. Information provided is date of indenture, name of apprentice, name of pilot, term of indenture in more

  • Pilots’ Report Books, Inward Bound, 1793-1903

    Images of record books of ships piloted. Information provided is date of entry, name of vessel, name of commander, name of pilot, from whence sailed, and more

  • Record Book of Candidates by the State Medical Board (PA) 1862

    Record book kept by Pennsylvania Surgeon General Dr. Henry H. Smith of 213 candidates examined by the State Medical Board commencing July 28, 1862. Numbered sequentially more

  • Record Book of Claims for Arrears of Pay and Bounty (PA) 1864-1869

    A record of claims of arrears and bounty due to Pennsylvania Volunteers who fought and died in combat during the Civil War. Entries generally show soldiers' more

  • Records of Drafted Men and Substitutes (PA) 1862

    Reports of draft commissioners giving number drafted, number of substitutes, number exempted, number never reported, number volunteered in lieu of draft, number deserted, aggregate number drafted, more

  • Register of Sick and Wounded Soldiers, circa 1861-1865

    Ledger providing a record of sick and wounded soldiers in Pennsylvania during 1862. Entries usually list the soldiers' names, residences, companies and regiments, terms of service, more

  • Registers of Pilots’ Names and Securities, 1783-1791, 1794-1876

    Information provided is name of pilot, place of residence, date bonded, and the name, occupation and place of residence of the person who stood as security more

  • Registers of Vessel Arrivals and Clearances, 1784-1879

    Registers of vessels arriving and clearing the port of Philadelphia. Information provided is date of arrival or clearance, name of vessel, from whence or to where more

  • Sheriff’s Deed Books and Lists of Attorneys Admitted, 1796-1876 (Lists 1742-1776, 1778-1809 only)

    Images of transcriptions of land property conveyances, originally taken in execution upon an estate or in a suit by virtue of a writ of fieri facias more

  • Substitutes’ Depositions (PA) 1862

    Depositions of drafted men who were refused substitutes because they had already been sworn into service, depositions by substitutes swearing to assume and perform all duties more

  • Warrant of Attorney Dockets, 1795-1874

    A warrant of attorney is more specific than a letter or power of attorney, in that it is addressed to one or more attorneys authorizing them more

  • Wharf License Books, 1864-1979

    Images of record books of wharf licenses granted by the Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia to construct or extend piers and wharves. Information provided is more

  • Writs of Habeas Corpus and Petitions, circa 1771-1863

    The petitions were originally made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, requesting that he issue a writ of habeas corpus which would then allow more