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Environmental Protection, Department of (3 collections)

  • Anthracite Mine Certification Records for Foremen and Assistant Foremen, 1886-1968

    Images of three types of certification recordings for mine foremen and assistant foremen: certificate books, certificate receipt books, and registers. The certificate books contain copies of more

  • Index Stubs and Cards to Miners’ Certificates, 1937-1988

    This group of certificate stubs and cards is grouped into four separate batches as follows: Miners' Certificate Cards and Stubs, which date from 1937 and 1938; more

  • Schuylkill Navigation Co Schuylkill River Proj. Engineers’ Records, 1850-1940

    The collection contains drawings and contracts for projects to rehabilitate and clean up portions of the former Schuylkill Navigation Company canal basin and the adjacent Schuylkill more